Academic Block

Academic Block comprises of class rooms, science and computer laboratories, fine arts club and faculty staff room.

Science Laboratories

For effective teaching and understanding of science subjects, the practicals are conducted in well–equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories under supervision of qualified and experienced teachers / demonstrators.

Computer Laboratory

Considering the importance of computers in our daily life , the cadets are given ample lessons and practical handling of computers in two computer  laboratories, developed on modern lines with sophisticated and advanced equipment.


The College library contains vast variety of books on different topics.Library provides tastefully laid-out environment to cater for intellectual and mental growth of the cadets and the staff. Three compulsory library periods per week are allotted to each class to develop the habit of reading and provide information to the cadets.


There are five boarding houses (hostels) in campus. Houses are named after great personalities of national and international importance i.e Jinnah House, Iqbal House, Jauhar House, Nishtar House and Qadeer House.The dormitories are spacious, airy and well furnished and each cadet is provided with a cupboard, a study chair, a table and a book shelf. Every house has a house master, an assistant house master and a house bearer to look after the cadets.

Cadets Mess

The mess functions under the supervision of a senior member of teaching staff. Two senior cadets are also associated with the management of the mess to represent all the cadets in preparing menu and other matters of cadets’ interest. The mess committee meets regularly to draw up the menu and discuss ways and means of improving the messing standards. Meals are wholesome and balanced.

College Hospital

The college has established a mini hospital which is being run under the supervision of residential medical officer (RMO). The RMO, assisted by nursing assistants, provides medical care / detention of ailing cadets as an immediate measure. However, for specialist opinion and treatment, if required, the cadets are referred to the Saidu Group of Hospitals, Saidu Sharif Swat and CMH Mardan. All cost / expenditure for outside treatments and admissions shall be borne by the parents / guardians.

College Café & Canteen

College has a spacious and well furnished Café & Canteen where the cadets are provided with facility of refreshment including articles of daily use.