Roll No Slip

Cadet College Swat - WRITTEN TEST (CLASS -VIII), 16TH ENTRY -2023

Cadet College Swat


General Instructions
a. Written Test will be given in the subjects of English, Maths & General Science, Urdu & Islamiat of Class – VII of KP Text Book Board.
b. This Roll No. Slip must be shown to the Supervisory Staff while entering the Examination Hall.
c. Candidates must bring their own black/blue ball point and clip board.
d. Electronic gadgets will not be allowed in the Examination Hall.
e. The candidates should not make any type of identification mark on the answer sheet.
f. Any candidate found using unfair means will be disqualified.
g. If there is any deficiency/ies must bring with you on the test date/day, otherwise test will be considered cancelled.