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Foolproof security arrangements are made for providing best secured environment to the cadets. Pakistan Army has been entrusted with the task of providing seamless security arrangements of the campus till its presence in Swat. Complete hang around security is augmented by dedicated and fully equipped manpower, CCTV Cameras and planning of all the contingencies to ward off any untoward incident.

Routine Programme

In order to make optimum use of time, each day is spent as per a given schedule. The routine program is published in weekly college order to apprise all concerned. The normal daily routine of a cadet starts from morning Physical Training followed by academic session. After siesta, games period is observed followed by study period in respective Houses. Lights out are observed at 2300 hours.


  • Uniform (Working Dress)
    • Khaki Uniform - Standard pattern, (Trousers without Pleats)
    •  Black Beret
    •  Cap badge - College Emblem/Crest
    •  Appellate worsted - Cloth (as per the colors of houses)
      • Green
      •  Red
      • Silver Grey
      •  Navy Blue
    •  Oxford Shoes with black cotton socks
    • Black Web Belt
    • Name Plate
    • College shield with Red Background
    • House Prefect with appellates of respective house color
    • College Prefect with cross belt and black appellate
  • Uniform (Ceremonial)
    • Anklets white
    • Red Plume over black beret
  • Walking out (Dress Mufti)
    •  Steel Grey Trouser
    • White Shirt without pocket
    • Oxford Shoes and black cotton socks
    • Black Neck Tie with flying eagles
    • Maroon worsted blazer with college badge on chest pocket flap (winter only) and metal buttons.
    • Maroon Pullover (for winters only)
    • White thermal vest & lower (for winters only)
    • White handkerchief compulsory
    • Black web belt
  • Sleeping Dress
    • Grey Sleeping Suit
    •  Black slippers
  • Prayers Dress
    • Sky Blue qameez shalwar
    • Navy Blue V-Neck waist coat or maroon pullover (in winters only)
  • PT Kit
    • Grey shorts
    • Grey half sleeves T Shirt round neck with motto printed on back
    • White Cougar (Puma) shoes
    • Grey cotton stockings with black stripes
    • Grey tracksuit with Swatian printed on back
  • Riding Dress
    • Tucked in Khaki corduroy coterie riding trouser, Grey T-shirts (with collars) and riding hat


Outpass, a privilege which authorizes absence of a cadet from the College. It is for a limited time and also to a specified area. Outpass is normally granted on Saturday afternoon and Sunday.

Pocket Money

A sum of Rs. 1000/- per month per cadet is recommended to be paid by the parents to the cadets through their respective Housemaster. Parents are requested not to give money direct to the cadets.

Telephone Calls

Cadet can receive / make telephone calls from the respective House at following timings.

  • Sundays / Holidays 
    • 0930 hours – 1900 hours


Parents / guardians can visit their sons / wards only on visiting Sundays as per following timings:

  • April to August - 0900 hours to 1830 hours
  • September to March - 0900 hours to 1600 hours

Visitors are not allowed inside the House / academic Block.
They are not allowed to visit the faculty / staff at their residence.


All correspondence pertaining to the cadets is addressed to the Principal Cadet College Swat, by designation and not by the name.